Cock sucking bitches always seem to come my way.  I have no idea why I attract such girly men with small cocks wanting to be abused, but in a way I enjoy it.  I love knocking you down off your high horse and making you my little slut for my enjoyment.  So many guys out there like you started out the same way.  You met me at a bar or a club because with a body like this, how can I not go out all the time?  You slide my way, thinking that by buying me a couple drinks I might let you into my pants to fuck me crazy, having a night of wild passion and then leave me, with another one night stand under your belt.  Obviously, you don't know me and you have no idea way my real agenda is when it comes to bitches like you. 
I really take advantage of guys like you.  It might start off at a club where you might think I will be your one night stand but it turns in to years of teasing and torture and debt upon debt upon dept.  See, I'm different than those usual type of girls you meet at the club.  I'm sure most of them just drop their panties at the sight of your credit card limit, or your fancy dancy high class watch you are wearing.  I don't!  I lure you in, catch you, and make you my little pet for life.  I totally enjoy making you my pet and watching you squirm every time you think you might get a piece of ass from myself, but really your just a dumb ass looser with money and that money will surely be mine.  that's all I want you for, is your money, your credit cards, your good credit.  I will use you to get anything and everything I want, and all the things I deserve for giving your pathetic ass a chance of looking upon my gorgeous body.     
Yep, it starts at a club, a simple drink bought, and ends up being my slave for life.  I will take you home from the club, I will tie you up, I will tease you uncontrollably until your cock turns purple and then I kick you out of my house to deal with your small pathetic cock on your own.  I don't want anything to do with a cock as disappointing as yours.  Sorry bitch but your outta luck.  Of course you call me the next day, like a looser!  Call me the day after that, and you call over and over and over again, leaving messages on my phone, begging me to call you back.  I do....eventually.  I tell you to bring your credit card and meet me at the mall.  I'm ready to shop, and your paying. 
I walk around the mall, throwing things in your face and making you pay for them.  I literally have no care as to how much your card has on it, just as long as it has enough to get me what I want, and if you don't, well then...your going to buy a department store card so I can rack it up right there and then.  I will walk you around the mall until there is nothing left for me to buy, I make you pack my SUV with all my new items, kiss you on the lucky shit...and I leave in my SUV.  You standing there, not knowing what the hell just happened, but by the time you get the bills in the mail you will.

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Cuckold princess
Tease and denial
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Small cock humiliation
Loser abuse

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