Sexy older women are so hard to find!  That's why you have looked all over other sites and decided to choose me, because I am the ultimate in sexy older women.  I am more into the whole mommy dearest type fantasies.  You might not know exactly what I mean, so let me explain.  I am such a mommy type mom!  I love cuddling, and loving, and kissing, changing diapers for ab/dl lovers, toddler play, and age regression.  I am a real life mommy of much older children who have moved out, long ago, however I still miss the play I had with them, and being able to talk to AB's make that fantasy real for me again!  However like I said before I am a mommy dearest type mommy.  Anyone who knows about mommy dearest knows that you don't cross her, because mommy dearest will spank your little bum! 
Mommy loves to play with her little toddlers who are walking oh so cute in their little toddler clothes, or play with her AB's and put little bonnets on them to sissify them into being mommies little girl.  Mommy also loves to play with her little AB into making you cum, and teaching you how to cum into that little diaper of yours.  You know you enjoy being cuddled and loved by mommy.  She loves to cuddle and love you!  That's why you call her, to have all your AB/DL fantasies fulfilled! 
I want to teach you all about diapers and dirty diapers and how much fun they can be.  How you could get turned on by a dirty diaper and how much you would love being in dirty diapers.  Mommy also loves to be the babysitter for her little AB/DL!  Maybe mommy can magically turn into the babysitter from next door, to come over and play with her AB, and watch over you and take care of you.  Mommy totally loves to take care of you whether she is the babysitter or mommy. 
Remember though that when little toddler is being bad and gets into mommies things, like mommies panty drawer or mommies lingerie drawer, you will be punished!  Mommy will put you over her knee and she will spank your little butt with the leather belt until you learn your lesson.  You will learn to be a good boy around mommy cause mommy is strict and expects her little one to be a good little AB.

Leg and foot fetishes young voice

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