Wondering how such a perfect being such as myself was made?  From pure perfection baby, and lucky enough for you I am here to please you.  I am a stripper, a wanna be porn star, and a woman who knows how to take care of her man.  I love taking care of my men, giving them exactly what they want and pleasing them in the perfect way.   
I want to seduce you into coming home with me from the strip club or from a photo shoot.  Getting you so turned on that you can't say no to me.  Giving you that look that says "take me" and you know exactly what I want.  I will take you home, bring you into my home, and please you all night long.  I want to get all dressed up for you in lingerie and stockings.  My nails painted, my hair curled, my body lotioned and perfumed for extra pleasure for your scenes.  I will work you up by grinding my ass in to your cock, getting you drinks to loosen you up, dancing for you privately.  I will slowly take it all off, exposing my huge tits for you to suck on.  Mmmmm oh the pleasure of having my nipples in your mouth.  I can feel your tongue moving around my nipple and your mouth sucking around it.  I spread my legs to straddle you while your sitting on the couch and I jolt my pussy back and forth to rub against your leg and up against your cock.  Yes, I want you to take me.   
You start out moving your hand down my panties, rubbing my clit with your fingers and feeling my clit get harder and harder for your fingers as you rub me.  My pussy throbs and is getting so wet.  I want you so badly and I moan for you.  You slide your finger farther back and slip your  fingers in my pussy and start rubbing my g-spot.  I moan louder and arch my back, leaving my nipples in your mouth.  You bit down on my nipples and lick them between your teeth.  I'm now riding your leg harder, wanting your cock so badly, wanting to fuck you so hard.  You want me so bad, you want to take me, to fuck me, and make me cum so hard while I lay on my knees for you, doggie style. 
I slither down off your leg and I open your pants to reveal your big, throbbing cock, ready for me to suck all the precum out of that big dick.  I get on my knees, open my mouth, and start sucking that big cock, wanting every drop of that precum to suck on.  I enjoy every minute of sucking your dick, feeling that throbbing cock get bigger and bigger in my mouth until you bend me over and fuck me as hard as you can.  I feel your cock throbbing inside of me, pulsating.  I feel it getting bigger and bigger as you thrust inside of my pussy and give it to me as hard as you can.  Finally you start going even fast, fucking me so hard that I can barely take it.  I feel your cock inside of me, pounding me so hard..OMGGGGGG, finally you cum inside of me, letting your cum drip out of my pussy while you watch it flow down my thighs.  That was so good, All I can do is lay back and feel my body go dumb. 
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