I know you love my body. I know your sitting at your computer right now looking at my picture thinking about how you want to call me. Your probably even jacking off and salivating over how gorgeous and perfect I am. Yeah I guess you could call me a brat but better yet you can call me a “Perfect” brat! I’m top always number 1…fuck top 10, or top 20, I’m #1 and always will be. Look at me, my body, my long and silky hair. You can’t get ore perfect than me. While I am obviously perfect, most men such as yourselves are losers and just not good enough for me. Maybe you have a small cock, Maybe your fat, ugly, a bitch ass???? What I do know is that who ever you are, what ever you look like, I’m still better than you and I always will be.

I have a built in pool at my house, and I love to go out and swim nude. I can see the neighbors go out on the deck and watch me swim and tan completely nude. Watching me, and wishing they would get with me. They have tried and believe me they have failed. I fuck only the best of the best. If your not best of the best than you are not worth my time and will only get humiliated. I love humiliating people, especially in public. Humiliating them and taunting them, letting them know mentally that they could never get with a girl like me. I am to perfect.

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