BDSM is a art and a privilege of knowledge. I very much enjoy going to fetish clubs and meeting submissive men to tie up and use for my enjoyment. I have several ways of keeping you down including rope, hand cuffs, latex and rubber hand ties. I will tie you down and keep you down while I take my stockings and panties off to sit on your face. I love being pleased with your tongue and mouth, being that that is all your good for. Maybe even using your cock if it is big enough to ride until I cum all over your cock. Your here to please me, not the other way around.I want you to get your tongue out because your going to be using it all night long to please me. Using your face as my personal fuck suck to lick my pussy clean, and maybe if your lucky I will use your dick to please the inside of my cunt and fuck me the way I want to be fucked.
I want to rub my pussy up against you until your cock gets really really hard and turns purple. I want to watch your cock throb for me as I lick your lips and nibble your ears. Gently working my pussy down to your cock where I will just tease you and make you precum all over my pussy lips. Baby I know you want me so badly by this point that your begging for it, begging for my bald pussy, begging to fuck it and feel the tight inside pussy hole. Mmmm that tight little hole just might be yours tonight if you work your cards right. Or maybe I will just make you watch porn and make you wait and wait, until your cock is harder for my tight bald pussy.

Using rope and tools
Holding you down while fucking
Latex and rubber

All models 18 years of age or older at the time of photography
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