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My pussy is soaking wet and I need you to call me so we can get off together. I love hearing the sound of your hand moving up and down your shaft as the slickness of your precum and lube mix together. I love hearing your moans and I want you to tell me how badly you want to fuck my cunt as you jerk off. I have a big toy shaped just like a dick and I’m going to pound my pretty hole with it while I tell you how badly I need to be fucked. Will you masturbate with me and dream of being inside my tight pussy?



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Love toes? Well I’ve got 10 little ones for you to play with.

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When my foot fetish client called I was ready for him, dressed in a pair of
gorgeous black high heels with my feet fresh from a pedicure and looking
gorgeous with red nail polish. Immediately he fell to his knees and slipped
off my heels, gently caressing my feet as he did. I could see the bulge form
in his pants and asked if he wanted to give me a foot massage. He could barely
contain his excitement as he sensually rubbed my toes and soles, sending waves
of relaxation and desire through my body. His final treat was a lusty footjob
that ended with his hot semen all over my toes.


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1-702-932-5918 Local chat and hook up line

Aspen and her huge titties get into trouble again

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He’s married to a woman with saggy B cup tits so he’s never going to get the
satisfaction he wants in life, which is why he calls me for a bit of fantasy
play. I have huge tits and love to wrap them around a guy’s head and smother
him lustily as he kisses and licks every inch of flesh he can get his lips and
tongue on. I love to feed my hard nipples to an eager man’s mouth and watch as
he makes love to it. My absolute favorite, of course, is to have a guy shoot a
thick load of cum all over my knockers, which is what I let him do.



Lesbian phone sex with Candy :)

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My caller today wanted me to play out a lesbian scenario. So my friend Stacy and I, both naked, started kissing. I got down on her, slowly, licking her all the way to her crotch. I spread her legs and put them on my shoulders. I licked and sucked her tasty, wet puss while she bit her lower lip and moaned “Oh my God” over and over. My client just sat there, looking at us, not doing anything. Stacy got so excited by it that she came squirting in my mouth and all over my pretty little face.



CBT I’m going to torture your dick

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I just had phone sex with a client who wanted to do role play. I was the Dominant and he the Submissive. I tied him to a bed. Hands tied together and over his head and his legs separately, to the bottom of the bed. I was naked, in heels, with a

whip in my hands. I started whipping his cock harder and harder until it was standing up straight. Then I moved on to his balls. I whipped them so hard he started moaning and soon enough came. I can’t remember the last time I got this excited over a phone call.


Piss Jerk (Golden showers Bukkake)

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I think I need a shower after that last call – lol!  Yeah, because it was a golden showers call, and I got drenched all over with hot, fresh, stinky man piss!  My caller and I role played that, instead of a bukkake scene, I was in the middle of a circle jerk that was really a piss jerk.  About a dozen guys drank a lot of water, and then they circled me and started pissing on me.  Their hot pee got all over my hair, face, and body.  I swear I had just taken a dive in some water the way my hair was soaking wet.  They told me I had to stay like that for the rest of the night, so that I could smell their rank piss all night long!



I get to fuck losers like you in the ass all day long

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Straight men aren’t supposed to like getting fucked in the ass, which is why I
always love doing it when I dominate a guy. Last week I had a hot call with a
sweet submissive that wanted to be taken anally by my strapon. I made him suck
it first and listening to him gag and slobber on my thick rubber dick was
intensely arousing. I could feel my desire and aggression building and had to
bend him over and destroy his asshole from behind. I made him my doggystyle
bitch and didn’t let up until he was completely worn out.



Teen mutual masturbation



Some guys think I don’t get horny talking naughty all night long, but I
wouldn’t do this job if it wasn’t arousing to me. That’s why calls where guys
want to hear me cum are among my favorites. Tonight I talked with a man that
wanted to cum with me and I was into it immediately. I pulled my panties off
and slipped two fingers into my already soaked cunt while telling him to
stroke his cock for me. He used lots of lube so I could hear it since the
sound of a man stroking his shaft up and down is among the most arousing
things I’ve ever heard. I came twice masturbating with him and they were both
amazing orgasms.



I am your teen cock gagging whore

fgghb (3)

My eyes are directed towards the ground as you affix your collar around my neck and officially take ownership of me for the evening. My hands are tied behind my back and my ankles are bound, keeping me stationary in your play space. You crave using me as a BDSM sex toy and this is your chance. I’m your plaything and there will be no resistance or I will suffer great and painful punishment at your hands. Your rules are clear and I’m eager to successfully serve my master and make him cum.

My throat is your quarry and your cock is hard from gazing upon my submissive naked body in bondage and your collar. I open wide on your command and you roughly shove your dick in my mouth as my tongue eagerly licks to give you pleasure in any way I can. I gag when you hit the back of my throat and my eyes instantly water. It even hurts a little, but it’s nothing compared to the pleasure I feel at being your sub slut and letting you use me. Fuck my throat, master. Fuck my throat until you need to cum. Please give me a facial and paint me like the whore that I am.

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I had a great call today with one of my regs.  He was super horny today and super excited about abusing me with his dick.  He has been watching a lot of throat fucking porn and wanted to use my face hole for his cock pleasure.  So of course I couldn’t say no, I went ahead and opened my mouth and I let him fuck it, and boy did he fuck it really hard!  He shoved his dick all the way down my throat and held my head in place while I kept my hands behind my back.  Call me for all your throat fucking needs lol!




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